Our system monitors quietly in the background with no additional code required on your server.

Server Heartbeat informs you of any issues as they occur and gives you the opportunity to respond in a pro-active way.

We also provide detailed reporting and hold reports for up to one year for each website or service being tracked.

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Website Monitoring

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With no need to insert any code into your site we can monitor your website's uptime quickly and easily. We measure response times, latency and can also scan the site for predefined text if required to ensure the page is physically loading for end users.

The timeout response (time taken to respond) can be set as high or as low as you like and within a couple of minutes you can be up and running tracking your server's uptime.

Service Monitoring

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Similar to our website monitoring facility our service monitoring facility will watch a service and let you know if it does not respond in the predefined time. Typically this would be used for MySQL databases (Port 3306) or even port 8080 in the case of secure websites.

Mail services, even corporate DNS or domain servers can be monitored with our platform.

This list is actually endless. Pretty much anything that connects to the internet can be monitored so you never need turn your back on your IT wondering if it'll all be OK when you walk out.

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By default our platform sends e-mail notifications the second it knows there's a problem to the e-mail address registered to your account.

We also have the ability to send you an SMS message or use a push service to send a push notification to an App on your phone.

Most clients have their e-mail acocunt already accessible on their mobile phone these days so you can easily know when there's a problem.

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